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jack2Here’s three opportunities to learn from a true natural health clinical master.

1. PMS: Breakthroughs In Clinical Practice. Clinician Jack Tips will discuss the ludicrous and continuing research position that PMS is “all in a woman’s head.”  Unbelievable but true. In this upcoming free Webcast, he’ll discuss new, causative factors impacting female menstrual clockwork, and explain how the gut-microbiome and neuro-activation practices are elevating the success rate of botanical support.  Register now: xxxxxxxxxxx  This is milestone information!

2. Experience WellnessWiz, Jack Tips [Ph.D., C.C.N.] upcoming Systemic Fall Intensive presentation PMS: Dragons into Unicorns. Separating The Myth From The Reality. He’ll teach how to custom-design PMS programs by understanding the predominant emotions and behaviors that occur due to female hormone imbalances. Best of all, he presents short-cuts to clinical success.   Call 800-445-4647 to register.

3. Impeccable Clinical Training. Probably the most important clinical training event in 2015. This is a “must attend” event for all health detectives seeking to improve clinical results. It’s the  “New Discoveries In The MIcro Universe” — A WellnessWizdom Seminar with Jack Tips. This highly acclaimed clinical mastery training teaches how to improve the gut-microbiome as a foundation for healthy metabolic processes – thyroid, adrenal, brain, liver, hormone, glucose regulation, chronic vaginitis, skin conditions, and libido. As Dr. Tips hints, “No, it’s not about taking pre- and probiotic supplements … and it does require a strategy.” Further, you’ll learn how this program has been implemented with a mind -boggling 2500 new patients in 2015. (What would you do with 2500 new patients in 8 months? No wonder he’s bald!) This newly updated material features advanced solutions for SIBO, intractable constipation, and gluten issues plus a new module on the Brain/Gut Connection. More information and registration at: http://www.wellnesswiz.com/ogden/

Systemic Formulas is please to offer these WellnessWiz Tips to you so you can implement cutting-edge programs in your work of helping others. “The single, most effective method of building a lucrative clinical practice is genuine healing results.” That’s what this triple dose is all about.

See you soon!


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