A new FOOD INTOLERANCE CASE STUDY – THE PATH TO GUT HEALING! An in-depth exploration of FODMAP’s and why it’s NOT all about gluten!
M. Nicole Sugihara, MS, HLC3, Exercise Coach, RYT

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Nicole Sugihara, MS, HLC3, Exercise Coach

Nicole Sugihara, MS, HLC3, Exercise Coach

Do your clients suffer from gut issues relating to food: bloating, gas, constipation, etc? Have you had them try EVERYTHING with no improvement of symptoms? If this sounds like one or many of your clients, make sure to tune into the next webcast to learn about this incredible breakthrough!

FODMAP’s? What are FODMAP’s, the simple answer is: Fermentable sugars found in many common healthy fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and dairy! But wait, you thought these foods were so HEALTHY?! Well, tune in Wednesday to hear Nicole share with you why: “One person’s food can be another person’s poison!”

Nicole’s personal experience lead her down a path of exploration into a budding science on the verge of changing the way we think about food intolerance. Nicole’s Journey of enlightenment will change the lives of your clients, just like it did for her!

Nicole presented this talk at the 2014 Sunshine Symposium and due to the overwhelming response she will be giving more in depth and up to date information to improve your patient communications and care. Join us for a look into this practice altering science!



Healthy living and balancing mind, body, soul wellness has been an integral part of Nicole’s life since she was very young. She comes from a lineage of healers, most recently her grandfather A.S. ‘Doc’ Wheelwright, who contributed greatly to today’s alternative medicine model. Coming from a home that utilized herbal remedies and natural healing methods as the first defense, at age 7, Nicole learned quickly about mixing alternative healing methods with allopathic medicine for the greatest benefit when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She also gained a deep love of the outdoors and healthy movement and made it part of her everyday routine, as she grew up swimming competitively, dancing and spending her winters on the snow either skiing or snowboarding.

For the past 9 years, Nicole has acted as the Vice President of Education at Systemic Formulas, Inc., her family’s professional line nutritional supplement company; overseeing all practitioner training events, materials, and spearheading communication with experts in the nutritional and wellness industry. Through this position, she has stayed on the cutting-edge of nutrition and wellness information and research.

With deep knowledge in the areas of alternative healing, natural health, and education, Nicole most recently decided to tie all of her training and knowledge into one tidy package and become a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 3) and Exercise Coach from the esteemed CHEK Institute. She started her own business, Evolve Eden Wellness Studio, to guide her clients to their ultimate wellness, so they can live their dreams fulfilled. She incorporates customized exercise and nutrition programming with relaxation, art, and outdoor play!

She happily resides in the mountains of Utah, still enjoys skiing and snowboarding, and is an avid standup paddleboarder, trail runner and hiker (usually with her 3 pups, and sometimes her husband)!

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